Calling all Soccer players, this girl is looking for a training partner!


Rocka is approximately 3, when she first came to us she appeared to be a bit aggressive toward the other dogs. Did a lot of growling and barking through her kennel, so we were very slow at introducing her to other dogs. We suspect this girl spent most of her life in a back yard with an ability to bark and run at the fence when cars and people/dogs passed by. She’s amazing with big soccer ⚽️ balls or similar, she dribbles it all over the yard and can even pass to you! She didn’t seem to have much of any manners or formal training but she’s a quick learner and eager to please. We have done a lot of work with this girl and she’s a much more confident and secure dog than before.

She walks great on a leash, she is tolerating other dogs very well, she is a bit growly still upon introductions but that’s about as worked up as she gets. She’s crate trained and potty trained. She’s been evaluated by 3 different trainers and they all say, she has great potential. We can walk her off leash around our property and she stays near by, she loves to chase and dig after all the rabbits, squirrels and gophers. She also chases/follows the cat around so no cats for this girl.

With other dogs she is doing amazing, she is really learning how to tolerate being around other dogs and even will play a little with select few. She knows a lot of basic commands and is really a smart girl. She comes with a free training lesson from me to ensure the best success for all. She loves kids, she can be a little mouthy so maybe older kids would be best but she would love someone to play ball with.

Allison Stratton