He is happy-go-lucky. Loves everyone, and gets along with all dogs. Total loverboy, and pretty much a couch potato. Sleeps in a crate all night, and loves a crate available during the day. Has a cowboy walk ( bow legged😂) and goes well on a leash. Loves a car ride, and mostly wants to just hang out with his person. Does not like being left alone, and prefers being indoors rather than outdoors. In other words, more if the intellectual type rather than a sporty outdoor type.

He can be the only dog, or with a pack. Children okay too.

Not a barker.

Loves to eat!

Seven years old, and 20 pounds, though needs to put on more weight.

Dislikes are water. Hates bathes and sprinklers, hoses, etc. (According to former owners. I haven’t exposed him to that, yet.)

Susie Saladino