Wiley The Hound Dog- A Work In Progress

   Wiley is a beautiful 5 year old neutered male lab/hound mix.


Wiley is a beautiful 5 year old neutered male lab/hound mix.

“That coyote is really a crazy clown,

When will he learn that he never can mow him down?

Poor little Road Runner never bothers anyone,

Just runnin' down the road's his idea of having fun.”

When Thrive Animal Rescue began in April of 2014, we had a very clear business initiative- to pull and place family dogs who wound up at the shelter due to circumstances unrelated to their behavior. Because we were taking dogs directly to adoption events where they would be in a small area with children and other dogs, we looked for friendly, tail-wagging pooches who just wanted someone to love. We’ve managed to hit the mark most every time and the results are rewarding beyond belief, but every once in awhile we come across a dog that needs just a little more work. Such is the case of “Wiley,” who we lovingly refer to as a work in progress… 

   Cece Bloum and Wiley with Thrive supporters Corey and AnnMarie D'Ercole.


Cece Bloum and Wiley with Thrive supporters Corey and AnnMarie D'Ercole.

When we found Wiley at the shelter on July 17th, we were over the moon! As per usual, we put him into the car and drove off asking ourselves for the millionth time, “How do dogs like this end up in the shelter?” He is beautiful, beyond belief; smart, sweet, loving to children and other dogs. He is perfect! But then… we let him off the leash and off he went. As anyone who has ever tried to catch a runaway dog knows, it is a futile effort. The good news with Wiley is, he does come back, but the minutes when he is gone are pretty terrifying. 

After two nights in Thrive founder Cece Bloum’s home, and multiple attempts at crating and keeping him safely contained indoors, it became clear he had severe barrier and separation anxiety. A decision was made to send him to to specialist in dog behavior who had a cage-free facility. Two weeks have passed and Wiley is ready to find his forever home, but with this special needs boy it isn’t as simple as with most Thrive dogs. Here is the bio written by the woman who’s been working with him. As you can tell, he has touched her heart: 

"Wiley is a 5 year old neutered male lab/hound mix. He is a gentle giant with soft kisses and a very loving personality. He enjoys playing with other dogs, sunbathing, long walks and cuddling up with people. He does however enjoy time with his human so much that he has developed separation anxiety. He will go over a wall or through a window to be with his human. He will need a special owner who has the time to spend with him as well as someone who is experienced in owning a dog with bad separation anxiety. He has been through some training so he does have the skills and mind set to be a great dog for the right person or persons. Since Wiley has separation anxiety he will also be adopted out with several lessons to help his transition to a new home go smoothly. If you would like to meet mister Wiley he is ready to find his new family!"

So please share his story and help us find him the right home. For inquiries, please contact his foster mom Kelly at 714-369-3399

Susie Saladino