It Takes A Village


Because of the people who so graciously give of their time, we are able to rescue more and more dogs in need. Every time someone becomes involved, it frees us up to make another shelter run, in turn saving another dog from a night in the shelter or in some cases saving a dog from euthanasia.

Fostering is one of the most important, and most appreciated, volunteer activities. Fosters open their homes and hearts to a dog, providing a warm bed and loving atmosphere where the dog can chill and decompress before being placed into a forever home. We provide the food and veterinary care, they provide the love. In cases of people with busy daytime schedules, foster dogs can be dropped off at Thrive Headquarters during daytime hours and picked back up in the afternoon.

Fostered animals get adopted more quickly and have less temperament issues - please help.


Interested in fostering? Use the form here to apply.


Thrive Foster Families

Thank you to our fabulous fosters for opening their homes and their hearts to help dogs Thrive.