Thrive Animal Rescue relies on the generosity our of donors. Without your support we are not able to care, support, or find forever homes for the beloved and beautiful dog friends here in our shelter. When you donate, your contribution helps facilitate medical care, such as vaccines or medical treatment for illnesses, spaying or neutering, transportation, microchipping and more.  We are a NO-KILL facility which means we are dedicated to providing the highest degree of love and care for each and every dog that comes through our door.

Thrive Animal Rescue is a non-profit, donation based rescue organization with 501c3 status. We depend on the generosity of our friends and benefactors to be able to keep going back and saving more dogs. Thrive's solitary goal when placing a dog into a new home, is that it is a good fit and the dog has received proper medical attention before joining their Forever Family.  

You may make your donations in the name of a person or a beloved pet.

Thank you for your generosity,
The Thrive Animal Rescue Team

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