He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

Although abandoning a senior pet seems inconceivable to most of us, the unfortunate reality is that it does sometimes happen. From cases where a senior pet’s owner has passed to instances where people no longer want to care for their old dog, we do come across senior dogs in the shelters. Because of the generous donations of our friends and benefactors, we have been able to pull some senior dogs and place them into loving homes. It takes a special person to give of themselves this way, and when we find them, we can provide the resources to help.

Thrive has committed to paying the expense associated with medication and veterinary care while their Forever Foster Family provides food, a warm bed and LOVE. If you are interested in sponsoring a senior, please click on the sponsor button below and indicate which dog(s) you would like to support. In return for your generosity, Thrive would love to send you monthly updates on your senior buddy and how your donation has helped their well being!